Insight Release Notes

Release 2018.1

  • Release version of Insight Lighting Analysis and version of Insight Solar Analysis (Revit 2018 and Revit 2019 Plug-ins)
    • Fully-configurable sDA/ASE thresholds on submit run
    • Support all international sDA-based analyses now (eg sDA 400/40). (Accessed by right-click on the thresholds frame))
    • Default ASE threshold is 20% per
    • 'Both' results added for LEED 2009, LEED v4 EQc7 opt 2, and to Illuminance/Custom Analysis as well
    • Support all USGBC users now who want the 'both'.
    • Added Daylight Factor AVF style, and sets it automatically if results are in that range of 0-100
    • AVF automatic visibility when changing section box in 3D view (so AVF shows only within the section box)
    • Automatic reset of AVF color-value thresholds for sDA/ASE, depending on thresholds for the run
    • Very complete reporting of entitlement, cloud credits, and other issues. Automated self-help reporting.
    • Moved the log file from C-drive folder to MyDocuments %special% folder to fix new Windows10.2 permissions issues.
    • Export (Excel) deleted from the Settings panel and full-range export placeholder and feedback form moved to the Analysis List dialog.
    • Infrastructure ready to release full export capabilities in the future (csv, sdf, spd, xml, etc)
    • Settings button added to the main Run List dialog (still available on the Run dialog)
    • Allow generate results on partial-failed jobs (fixed a bug where users paid for the failed runs but could not see results)
    • Added setting to keep results from other runs in inactive 3D views ('compare' workflow)
    • (Basically this option turns off keeping all views in synch with current results generated)
    • Removed Best Practices and added current links in all help links to the Insight Forum
    • Solar Access bugs fixed (inclusive hours and threshold was unclear)
    • Hidden worksets bug fixed
    • Partial-failed run results download bug fixed
    • Room schedule bug fixed (filter more than 8 Levels)
    • Better schedule header information, including what was previously only available in Summary Dialogs
    • Calculating LEED v4o2 environments from average of 3/21 & 9/21 per code language
    • Legend position placed in a logical place just outside the analysis results rather than the default middle-of-nowhere
    • Legend fonts handled better, so the sizing is best per the view scale (still limited to available Test styles, but much better)
    • Changed view names to '_InsightLighting' to be unique and avoid any view-finding issues
    • Toned down the model change tracking to turn off if any change made and not report again
    • Refined RevitRaaS to avoid conflicts with Dynamo version of RevitRaas.
  • Improved DDx service error message reporting.

Release 2017.5

  • Enables Architecture 2030 Zero Energy tool for the Insight Architecture 2030 benchmark results.
  • Enables Architecture 2030 benchmark result for Single Family building types in the U.S. & Canada.

Release 2017.4

  • Enable heating and cooling loads analysis for non-U.S. locations.

Release 2017.3

  • Bug fix to enable EnergyPlus annual simulations.
  • Bug fix to enable Architecture 2030 Benchmark results for non-U.S. locations.

Release 2017.2

  • Export Data and Graphics.
  • gbXML Export (Includes Widget Settings).
  • Backend Service Improvements.

Release 2017.1

  • Release Notes.
  • Move Model Fit & Finish.
  • Table Column Data: EUI.
  • Simulation Run Time Optimization.

Release 2016.10

  • Export table data for Insight models.
  • Expanded table capabilities.
  • Move models between Insight projects.

Release 2016.9

  • Expanded list of available currencies.
  • Improvements to EnergyPlus heating and cooling load analysis.

Release 2016.8

  • Retrofit Analysis using actual building utility costs and recorded weather data.
  • User-defined utility rates.
  • In context help and walkthrough content.

Release 2016.7

  • “BIM Settings” for each Insight factor representing as modeled conditions in Revit or FormIt.
  • Improved support for mobile and tablet.

Release 2016.6

  • Table view and sorting options.
  • Enhanced model viewer functionalities.
  • Improved DDx reporting capabilities.

Release 2016.5

  • Model Compare: Ability to compare model performances and metrics.
  • Export energy files (gbXML, INP, IDF) for Insight models .
  • Energy+ Heating / Cooling Load Visualization.

Release 2016.4

  • Automated reporting to AIA Design Data Exchange (DDx).
  • Save and apply Scenarios to multiple models.

Release 2016.3

  • View location and climate charts.
  • Rerun model analysis from Insight interface.
  • Updates to Architecture 2030 benchmark calculation.

Release 2016.2

  • Sample project accessible when not logged in.
  • Expanded unit and preference specification.
  • Invite users to Insight projects.

Release 2016.1

  • Performance improvements.
  • Formit Support: Ability to generate analysis from Formit.
  • PV Factors: Ability to understand impacts of PV Panel Efficiency, PV Payback Period, and PV Surface Coverage.